Sunday, August 15, 2010

challenges: mapped

This is definitely worth looking at. The map shows books challenges by city and region. If you click on the blue dots, you can see the reasons for each challenge. The sad part is, the ALA believes that 70-80% of all challenges go unreported. Still a great resource!


  1. Do you find it odd that Utah has no data on the map?

  2. I do find it odd, but that would be part of the unfortunate missing 70% of cases. Sad but true...

  3. The reason Utah is missing is that the map was created by someone not affiliated with the ALA about which we know very little, other than his map is so poor as to contain huge gaps. And I read parts of the map--it should be called the Soapbox Map, The ALA promoting it as if it was created by the ALA is not swift either, to say the least.